January 22, 2018

What Makes Red Copper Pan Stand Out

This Copper Pan outlines two desirable qualities that make copper a popular material for making cooking utensils.

First is its excellent heat conductivity, followed by the antibacterial property.

However pure copper is very costly, and that’s where the red copper pan steps in. The pan made of copper but infused with a ceramic layer.

The result is a ten-inch cooking vessel with even heat conductivity that fits even low tempera usage.

The particular feature that makes this pan stand out includes the following;

  • Higher Heat Conduction

Red copper pan offers high heat conductivity. That by far is the most desirable unparallel quality of copper concerning cookery. The pan taps on that quality and therefore provides even heating even at oven temperatures. Hence the food cooked won’t bear

  • Non Stick

The cookery equipment has been carefully constructed thus providing a cooking surface which is an entirely nonstick. With good maintenance and seasoning, the cooked food will easily slide off the pan despite the type of food cooked. Thus the cook won’t have to shake off or scrape the food off the vessel.

  • Durable

The copper, infusion offers extra strength. Thus it will withstand accidental drops and scratches but still maintaining an attractive shape and appearance. Consequently hung it in your kitchen and it will create a beautiful site.

  • Injects no Toxins into your Food

Most cooking utensils that claim the nonstick ability uses a combination of PTFE and PFOA to achieve the quality. When the chemical PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic) is used to make PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), then the PTFE used again in utensils to achieve nonstick quality, it creates a health hazard. However red copper pan uses no such method hence safe to that level. It employs ceramic bonding

  • Light in Weight

It has been designed to have the desired weight. The cooking vessel becomes convenient to handle due to its weight especially when it is hot.

  • Fits Oven use

Since it can withstand up to a temperature of up to 500° F, it is safe to use even in the oven temperature.

  • Dishwasher Safe

When you want to save time and clean your utensils fast enough, the red copper pan is dishwasher safe.

  • Less Difficult to Clean

Cleaning the red copper pan is not a rigorous process requiring special detergents. Just the usual cleaning then wiping is enough.

However to ensure that your red copper pan lasts longer and offers maxim performance have the following in mind;

Although the pan provides the non-stick coating like the copper chef and has also been pre-seasoned, with time the layer wears off. To ensure continued non-stick performance, seasoning after few months is required. Also, the cooking equipment is scratch resistant and dishwasher safe. But for more extended performance, it is better to keep off other metallic utensils from this pan.

It is also beneficial to know that copper is reactive to acidic or alkaline foods. Such a taste might get fused with your food especially when cooking beyond the stated temperature the pan can withstand.

Otherwise, with those points in mind, red cooper offers excellent kitchen performance